Let me share something personal with you…truth is of utmost importance to me…has been ever since I can remember. I have a great passion to seek truth and speak truth into people’s lives. You might say I’m a truth warrior! There are too many lies in this world that are hurting a lot of people. So in this blog, I will focus on truth about relationships, parenting, fatherhood, and marriage. I’ll also do my very best to provide you with practical ideas on how to implement those truths in your daily living.

Having said that, you need to know that I’ve failed and made plenty of mistakes as a husband, father, son and friend. But I’m always willing to learn. And I hope to learn from you as well as you share your comments and thoughts with me. So will you go, and grow, on this journey with me? I sure hope so. I think it’s going to be a really amazing adventure.